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Dating Images for the Gay Man

Here are a few tips to help you decide which images to upload to have the most positive impact on guys looking at your profile.

  • Your main photo could be chest-up of your face. Use good lighting and a recent shot of you smiling. Practice your smile in the mirror, or better yet with a friend.
  • Be sure to upload more than one photo. This is very important since everyone wants to see you in a variety of situations.
  • Secondary photos should consist of:
    • at least one full-body shot with you next to something to give you a relative size (eg. a familiar or common car, a door frame, etc.)
    • one or two can be you with a serious look (not smiling)
    • one or two formal dress photos, but guys generally like to see you in a variety of styles
    • generally upload photos of you facing the camera
    • no matter how much you love your pet, including them in your photo is probably not a good idea. This is about you, not your pet.
    • friends and family in photos generally detract from you, and can be confusing (two guys -- which is you?). Be prudent when deciding to upload these kinds of photos.
    • don't obscure your face
    • don't upload photos that are too dark
  • Do not lie about, or exaggerate, your age. How does that make sense when trying to build a relationship?
  • Do not upload photos older than a year or two. Or, if you do, enter the year they were taken in the caption, and perhaps even why you chose to upload an older photo.
  • Do not upload too many photos of the same kind. For example, do not upload multiple “selfies”. One will suffice.