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Gym Pointers for Gay Men

Part 4: Legs


Stronger legs will help you bigger guys get around. Bigger leg mass will help guys looking to trim down do so faster.

For the bigger guys it's fairly obvious. More leg mass, easier time to get up from a chair or take a flight of stairs.

For guys looking to trim down, more leg mass means higher fat burn rate while sedate. That means, more fat burning while you're at work or even sleeping.

For both groups of guys, seriously, don't big strong legs and butt turn you on? So if you've got those assets (pun intended), won't you be the one turning on the guys?

Most guys who work their legs don't do a complete job and end up with a "narrow leg" look. This is when, looking at him straight on, the guys legs have no width. A lot of this is genetic, but as with your bicep, you can overcome it a bit with proper training.

To help overcome that "narrow leg" look, do leg presses and squats with your legs wide and toes facing outwards. Sort of like a ballerina's second position (however not as exaggerated). Then straighten your legs by pulling your knees together rather than pushing with your quads. You'll have to practice this with light weight to get the hang of it.

In addition to the wide leg movements, you'll want to build your "teardrop" and outer thighs. Both can be done a variety of ways, but a good way to practice is on the leg extension machine. With light weight, practice hitting your "teardrop" by leaning forward and pointing your toes inward. Then for your outer thigh, lean back and point your toes out.

And then your ass... You can do deadlifts and squats, sure, but you can also hit the glutes while on leg presses. First make sure you're limber and warmed up! Then when doing your leg press, go all the way down so that your knees are on your chest — then go further! You need to go so far that your butt comes up off the seat and your lower back is arched. Your knees will go past your head. (This is why it's very important that you are limber and warm.) Then push with your ass first, then your legs as the weight rises. This is another one to practice with light weight first, and to get limber.

For more glute mass, you can do stiff-leg deadlifts. And squats all the way down. If you do not go all the way down, you're not going to hit your glutes optimally. All the way down means your legs break the parallel (further than parallel to the floor). Both the stiff-leg dead and deep squats will require you use less weight — this does not matter as long as you've practiced beforehand and know where to focus your concentration.

This sounds like a lot, but it can be distilled down to a few warm up sets and one set for: wide leg movement, "teardrop" movement, outer thigh movement, and glutes. Then go from there as you desire and see an area in need.

Good luck! Stay tuned for Part 5: Cadence, Posture, Supplementation.

As before, get with your doctor for a physical. Especially if you're a bigger guy, haven't been before, or haven't been in a while.