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Boom7 Gay Dating Website

Our team has worked some seriously long hours to bring you what we think is the most technologically-advanced gay dating website on the Internet today. What does that mean for you? It means we’ve turned traditional profiling algorithms upside down and reworked them to produce more meaningful results and better matching. In addition to our advanced search and profile technology, we’ve used forward-thinking designs and new social incentives that we hope will encourage you to take part in all of the activities available to website members.

Another big difference you will note is the lack of labeling. You won’t see “Bear” or “Daddy” or “Musclebear,” “Chub,” “Otter,” “Wolf,” “Polar,” or whatever animal you’ve heard a guy called. Instead, we’ve tried something entirely new.

Every guy is different. Every guy has attributes that can be described through several of the labels listed above. A guy can’t say he’s 100% “Daddy Bear,” can he? We say no. So, instead of using the typical Gay Guy Labeling System™, we chose to allow for each guy to describe himself as real life describes him — using multiple shades of gray.

What does this mean for your dating experience? We hope it means that you’ll be able to find the man of your dreams, or the hottest guy in the world, good friends, or just quick sex (be safe!) Whoever you’re searching for, do it easier and faster and more accurately than ever before.
Go get ’em Tiger! (or 24% “Bear”, 68% “Otter”, 51% “Daddy”...whatever).
Go find the man of your dreams!

—The Boom7 Team